Implant Retained Bridges

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Dental implants are one of the fastest growing dental services in the field of modern dentistry. They have turned into a wanted substitute to other methods of missing teeth replacement. A high percentage of successful cases and an array of choices give dentists the freedom to treat and replace the missing teeth in numerous ways. Dental implants can literally improve your smile, ability to eat and speak with confidence. They are replacement tooth roots made of titanium that are placed into the jaw to which either the crown or denture is attached. The procedure is generally comfortable and the implants become anchored to the bone and become a part of your mouth.

Your dentist can assess your case and advise you if you are an ideal candidate for dental implants. Normally, the patients are asked to take x-rays and CT-scans to understand the quantity and quality of the bone and assess whether dental implants can be introduced. Don’t let missing teeth or loose dentures stop you from smiling your best – take advantage of reliable and natural looking dental implants to improve the health and beauty of your smile.