General, Cosmetics, and Implant dentistry

Your teeth provides you so many capabilities such as speech, smile, biting,crushing, chewing, etc. In order to carry out these functions, it is important to have a correct dental structure. Having the wrong structure can lead to many discomforts like cavities, cracked and chipped tooth, gum recession, jaw pain, sleep apnea,halitosis, facial deformations, and so on.

We offer several dental procedures designed to improve the function, health,and appearance of your smile. Cosmetic and implant dental restorations are usually recommended to patients who have teeth that are damaged, worn down,or missing completely. Not only do damaged or missing teeth negatively impact how your smile looks, they can also affect your chewing ability and create biteimbalance.

At Argonaut Dental, we believe that smile is extremely important to everyone,and we offer many ways to correct your smile. Our services include almost all restorative and corrective procedures in the areas of general, cosmetic, and implant dentistry.

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