Dental Chairs

Ergosoothe Massaging

Our practice offers the ErgoSoothe massaging dental chair. The ErgoSoothe massaging chair offers spa-like relaxation to reduce your stress and help you feel at ease while you receive your dental treatment. It gently massages your lumbar and upper back, delivering comfort and relaxation to your body and mind.

Digital Imaging

Intraoral Camera

Accurate diagnosis is extremely important to provide an effective treatment. The intraoral camera allows us to take images from inside the mouth, and reflect them on a screen, which allows us to look more closely into the condition of the teeth. The images flashed on the screen allows everyone, including the patient, to deliberate on the findings. Images obtained from an intraoral camera can be saved for future reference.

Digital Imaging

X-Ray Sensors

Digital x-ray sensors are used to reflect radiographic images on a computer screen. A diagnostic image is taken to clearly see structures of the bone and inner layers of the teeth, which helps in diagnosis, followed by the right treatment planning. Digital xrays expose patients to only a fraction of radiation as compared to traditional xrays. 

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Laser Treatment


While the use of lasers is not new in dentistry, dentists have found new applications of laser technology, such as detecting the presence of cracks and cavities. The use of lasers in dentistry reduces pain, bleeding, healing time and anxiety, since the action of lasers is more precise, and the laser procedures are minimally invasive compared to traditional methods.  Laser is also useful in teeth whitening, since it boosts the effect of whitening agents.


Dentrix & Dexis

In today’s world, everything from patient charts and records, to scheduling and communication is computerized. Our patients expect to get the information they need as quickly as possible, and on the device they are using. We use Dentrix as our practice management tool for record keeping and patient communications, and Dexis for any imaging needs.