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  • Yelp Star Ratings  I am new to Dr. Aggarwal. So far she has been nothing short of a lifesaver. She is gentle, knowledgeable, quick, and kind. The office staff at Argonaut dental is amazing as well, they ALWAYS work with my crazy schedule, address any questions efficiently through the text line, and give estimates before any work is done. I am SOOOOO happy to have found Dr. Aggarwal!

    They follow safe COVID-19 procedures and I feel very safe and cared for at this dental office.

    thumb Heather K.

    Yelp Star Ratings  I have avoided the Dentist due to severe anxiety until I had a partial tooth fracture that finally forced me to seek help.  They were able to get me in very quickly.  While there they were very supportive when I told them about my phobia and they made me feel very comfortable.  Definitely going to continue seeing them routinely and not just for emergencies.

    thumb Shanna C.

    Yelp Star Ratings  If you're kind of hesitate to go the dentist, or have some anxiety about it. Argonaut Dental is the place to go. From the moment I called and spoke with Veronica at the front desk, I felt at ease and I knew my concerns were being addressed. (Veronica was kind and pleasant over the phone and in person the entire time). I actually called the office again at their lunch hours and was pleasantly greeted by Dr. Aggarwal, who so kindly got me in for an emergency appointment the same day.  At my initial appointment Dede not only took my X-rays but made sure I knew that my anxiety was common and that everything will be okay. The second appointment was only three days later and consisted of a root canal. Root canals are never easy, and with my anxiety I'd say it's not easy at all. However Dr. Aggarwal and Dede made sure I was comfortable through out the whole procedure.  Dede definitely made me smile and laugand Dr.Aggarwal with all your knowledge and care you have now found a patient for life! Don't hesitate to book an appointment with this office, you'll regret  it! Cheers!

    thumb Effy A.
  • Yelp Star Ratings  Wow, what an amazing dentist! I am so impressed with Dr. Aggarwal, and her office. She makes you super comfortable, and addresses all your concerns in the best possible way. She is very patient and listens to all your concerns. Her office is  the best I have ever been to. They even have a thoughtfully designed kids area where my daughter could play while my teeth were being taken care of. A++ rating through and through. I recommend Dr. Aggarwal, and her office to my family and friends all the time. And I got similar feedbacks from them too.

    thumb Rohan K.

    Yelp Star Ratings  "How do you break up with your dentist?"

    Never thought the day would come, but after 6.5+ years of loyally attending Argonaut Dentist... it is time.

    When it was announced last year that Argonaut Dentistry was changing ownership, I remained hopeful. While I never truly loved going to the dentist (who does?) Dr. Prasad and her staff always made it a pleasant experience. I hoped that the new management would uphold those standards.

    But the new dentist is..... rough around the edges. I attended two appointments with her. The first appointment, she barely said hello.. not even introducing herself. I get it, not everyone can be a social butterfly, but as someone who doesn't love going to the dentist, some friendly chatter goes a long way!  

    The second appointment was a general cleaning. The appointment started 20+ minutes late, and strangely the dentist performed the whole cleaning herself (no dental assistant). Water was flying everywhere, she would frequently rest dental equipment and used floss on my bib/cloth. Overall an uncomfortable and unpleasant experience. I could go more into detail, but the point is, I don't believe one should leave a dentist appointment needing a change of clothes. If a cleaning went this way, I would personally not want to get a more serious procedure done here. (My personal preference.. I should note that she has not done any work more serious than a cleaning on me.)

    Ultimately, it is not the right fit anymore. "It's not you, it's me!"


    thumb Natalie F.

    Yelp Star Ratings  Dr Aggarwal and her staff made me very comfortable during my visit. I was explained in detail, the condition of my mouth using pictures and X-rays.

    I would recommend Dr Aggarwal to all my friends.

    PS: it is the most aesthetically looking dental clinic I have ever seen.

    thumb Anmol A.
  • Yelp Star Ratings  It was my first time here wanted to check this new place that's in the neighborhood. I was looking for routine teeth cleaning.

    Parking: Starting with parking there's tons of it, and also there's dedicated parking in front of the dental office for just the patients
    Ambience: very spacious n clean + neat which is a big plus for me.
    The front desk is polite and helps you through your form filing process if you are new.
    Added bonus: They have a kids play room, to keep them busy if you have to drag them along. It's well stocked with interactive toys and books. I would love to play here if I was a kid.
    Doctors: I met doctor Parul who runs the place. She is very polite, friendly, sweet. Goes through your history if you are new and meticulous n Detail oriented. I say that coz she really took the effort to look at the new xrays. Asked me if any teeth were questionable as in what processes might have happened on them. As some of my fillings were done in India the material was not familiar. You can really see the passion in her for her work. She always visits the patient even if it's not the patient  she is helping and looks that her fellow doctors have done a good job.
    The hygienist: I don't rememberers name but she was very professional, dint talk much which is good and she did a great job cleaning my teeth.

    You also get a mini goody bag at the end with toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, mouthwash. Always yay for freebies‍

    thumb Ketaki H.

    Yelp Star Ratings  Dr. Prasad and her staff are the best.  They make you feel very welcomed and at ease.  I have gone to Dr. Prasad for quite a few years and have never felt any pain or discomfort from any procedures.

    She will never pressure you into any unnecessary dental procedures.  I fly from Maui, Hawaii to Dr. Prasad's office for my dental work.

    They are truly the best!

    thumb Cecilia C.

    Yelp Star Ratings  Dr. Prasad and the whole staff at Argonaut Dental has completely changed my whole experience and thought behind going to the dentist. Everyone is very knowledgeable and really takes the time to communicate every step by step to you. Also Bambi is THE best dental office receptionist I have ever met. She is very quick to reply and so patient with all my questions. At Argonaut Dental I get the feeling that they really treat each other as family and that translate down to their patients. They really care about individual care and truly take the time to not only give you the best care but to get to know you as well.

    thumb Ayumi M.
  • Yelp Star Ratings  Recently brought my family to Argonaut Dental and found their office to be friendly, experienced and hands on with my son and I.  They also provided sage advice on how we could better our dental health resulting in stellar results.  I highly recommend them.

    thumb Rob M.

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  • 5 star review  Argonaut Dental is by far the best dental practice in the Bay Area! The staff is super friendly and nice. Dr. Aggarwal is an absolute gem, she is very thorough with her service and makes sure you walk out the door without any questions or concerns! I am getting my Invisalign treatment from Dr. Aggarwal and half way into my treatment I already see amazing results. She makes sure she walks me through every small detail of the procedure and is super sweet and helpful! The Invisalign program has helped me with my teeth gap and realignment. I’m very excited about the final results. Glad I found this place. Would highly recommend!!

    thumb divya sawhney

    5 star review  My family has been going to Argonaut for a while. Dr. Aggarwal is extremely detail oriented and does a thorough job, whatever the procedure. Her staff are also meticulous, thorough with insurance coverage details, and quite flexible with appointments and such. We have seen 4 or 5 dentists so far and I personally feel that Dr. Parul Aggarwal is the best of them. She catches issues early, does the least intervention needed to fix and stays on top of things when reviewing x-rays and during cleaning appointments.

    thumb Anand Iyer

    5 star review  I recently got my root canal done from Dr. Parul. I must say I am more than 100% satisfied and would definitely recommend her. I was initially really scared but she made me comfortable, and the process was painless. She also recommended my general things to take care of my teeth, which I really appreciate

  • 5 star review  I have been coming to Dr. Aggarwal for a few years now and have always had positive experiences. I have had difficulties with my teeth and she was capable of solving various issues well. She is careful during cleanings to spot problems. Their receptionist, Veronica, is always very nice and professional. Would recommend!

    thumb Svetlana Rymareva

    5 star review  My family has been going to Argonaut Dental for 15 years. They're awesome. They were able to schedule my partner on short notice and help him with his emergency pain. We really appreciate their sincerity and am happy to now be with a practice that prioritize service. I would highly recommend this practice and have only good things to say. Thank you Dr. Aggarwal and all Argonaut Dental staff

    thumb Keren Lev

    5 star review  Not only was Argonaut Dental able to schedule me on short notice, they were able to help with my emergency pain and worked to get me in at an earlier time. I appreciate their sincerity and am happy to now be with a practice that prioritize service. I would highly recommend this practice and have only good things to say. Thank you Dr. Aggarwal and all Argonaut Dental staff

    thumb Wesley Ma
  • 5 star review  Veronica (receptionist/assistant) and Dr. Parul (dentist) are the kindest and most accommodating people I've met at any dentist's office. I was on a business trip in California and chipped my tooth at lunch. Upon reaching out to the office and having Dr. Parul inspect the damage, I only expected to be advised on how not to make it worse, as the office was set to close in 10 minutes. To my surprise, Dr. Parul stayed an entire 45min after closing and completed my filling with Veronica!! That put my mind at ease for the rest of my night. I am immensely grateful for this office and strongly advise anyone considering dental work to visit Argonaut. Thank you, Dr. Parul and Veronica, for caring enough to help me during a time of need!

    thumb Miles Campbell

    5 star review  I have been going to Dr. Aggarwal since 2019. She, her assistants, and front desk secretary are very kind and friendly people who have made each one of my experiences as comfortable as possible. When I first came in, I needed a root canal (which I didn’t not know until I got my teeth checked out!). Inevitably, it was a painful, tedious procedure, but in the end, she and her assistant did a great job. To this day, I have not had any issues with my crowned tooth. I now come in regularly for my deep cleaning, and sometimes we discover that some of my fillings have fallen out. I really appreciate how Dr. Aggarwal is willing to help refill any fillings during the same appointment. By the way, the front desk secretary is fantastic at communication— I have never had any problems scheduling/rescheduling and cancelling appointments (even at the last minute)! Until I move somewhere too far for me to come here regularly, I will continue to be a client here at Argonaut Dental. I highly recommend Dr. Aggarwal and her team.

    thumb Christina Wu

    5 star review  I had such a positive experience as a first-time patient at Dr. Aggarwal's "Argonaut Dental" practice. Having put off regular professional dental care throughout the Covid pandemic and (gasp!) even a couple of years prior, I finally took matters in hand and tried to find an appointment with a nearby dentist in my insurance network. Several dental practices in my neighborhood could only offer me a first-time patient appointment months in the future. Luckily I was able to schedule a visit with Dr. Aggarwal much faster. I was nervous as I knew there's frankly quite a bit of stuff to be put in order, including several old fillings that have fallen out or cracked; a couple of chipped chompers; grotty stains from coffee, etc. Dr. Aggarwal and her dental assistant conducted a very thorough consultation. She clearly outlined a care plan for me and explained her recommendations for priorities. Her office staff gave me a breakdown of my insurance coverage vs. out-of-pocket cost. Lastly, the teeth cleaning on this first visit dramatically brightened my smile--and my day. Dr. Aggarwal runs her business with professionalism and kindness. I felt cared for and encouraged to re-establish a regular dental health routine under her care. I offer my sincere recommendations.

    thumb Sorina A. D.
  • 5 star review  We’ve been associated with Argonaut Dental for over 5 years. Dr Parul Aggarwal and her team are very friendly and professional. She’s great with adults and kids alike. The whole dental experience has been very positive. I would strongly recommend Dr. Aggarwal to anybody looking for complete dental care for the family. Our teeth have never been better before.

    thumb Pavithra Krishnan

    5 star review  Great dental care facility and staff @ Argonaut Dental. Highly recommend this place for dental care. I've had teeth cleaning and an implant completed by the staff and they are highly professional, on-time, competitive prices, clean facility and convenient location.

    thumb Rob LaPointe

    5 star review  Best experience I’ve had with a dentist yet! Very thorough and really helped me with two chipped teeth, a night guard, deep cleaning and bleaching! Highly recommend!!

    thumb sean hughes
  • 5 star review  Dr Aggarwal and her team are a fantastic dental practice. They understand the individual requirements for each family member and are able to provide a professional dental service. The whole practice is very family friendly. One will leave with a full sense of satisfaction, thanks to the meticulous service of Dr Aggarwal and her team. Dr Aggarwal and team, keep it going. You guys rock !!!

    thumb G Sethuraman

    5 star review  Dr. Aggarwal did an amazing job on replacing one of my crowns. Worked meticulously to match the color, shape and fit. I would highly recommend her.

    thumb Ron McCutchen

    5 star review  Very good experience, nice and knowledgable people

    thumb Sachin Ratan
  • 5 star review  The service I got here was very professional. Dr. Aggarwal does a great job, I have been coming here for more than 13 years and the service is outstanding as usual. Highly recommend.

    thumb Dylan Bouzigues

    5 star review  Dr Aggarwal is amazing... She has been my dentist for almost 3 years now. She is very pleasant and patiently explains all treatment options. She seems very knowledgeable in her area of expertise and refers appropriately for things out of her scope. She also followed up appropriately with a message a couple of days after her visit.. Will strongly recommend her and Agronaut clinic.

    thumb suneetha s

    5 star review  Best dentist! Dr. Aggarwal is conscientious and skillful in her craft. Her staff members are friendly, too!

    thumb Susan Kim
  • 5 star review  A lovely experience all around. The place is clean and smells so nice. They also took the time to add some family friendly Halloween decorations which is nice. Veronica in the front greeted me right away she is very professional and friendly. Dr. Aggarwal took the time to explain what she was doing and answered all my questions during the procedure which made me feel real comfortable. Dede has such a great attitude in the back and just makes the whole appointment more enjoyable. I would recommend this place to anyone and will continue to come here.

    thumb Craig Ayotte

    5 star review  I really enjoyed my experience with Dr Parul. She was very patient and wonderful. She took care of the cavities and extractions flawlessly. The office is very clean and has maintained high standards of hygiene . I highly recommend to visit theArgonaut dental practice. My little boy had a good time in their kids area.

    thumb Neha Sehgal

    5 star review  The doctor is very personable, knowledgeable, and helpful! The staff is great, and the twice-a-year, typical cleanings take less than an hour, which is nice. If you need dental services beyond just scheduled cleanings, they are very helpful for that too, and will schedule you quickly. This is a good dentist for the whole family in Saratoga.

    thumb Leanna Griffith
  • 5 star review  Wow, what an amazing dentist! I am so impressed with Dr. Aggarwal, and her office. She makes you super comfortable, and addresses all your concerns in the best possible way. She is very patient and listens to all your concerns. Her office is  the best I have ever been to. They even have a thoughtfully designed kids area where my daughter could play while my teeth were being taken care of. A++ rating through and through. I recommend Dr. Aggarwal, and her office to my family and friends all the time. And I got similar feedbacks from them too.

    thumb Rohan Kayan

    5 star review  Dr. Aggarwal was very patient and courteous during the service. Very nice support staff as well. They are also quite flexible with appointment times. Would definitely recommend

    thumb Murtuza Tarwala

    5 star review  Great doctor and staff, excellent service

    thumb Prajitha Rajan
  • 5 star review  Overall a great experience! I was a new patient and I was very impressed. The waiting lobby is neat and comfortable, not to mention nicely designed. I was helped right away by a friendly administrator. I met with the doctor shortly after, and she spent quality time with me and explained many aspects of my dental health. She pointed out some things that no other dentist has noticed or sugested. My impression was that she was very knowledgeable and kind. I will be referring Dr. Prasad’s practice to friends and family.

    thumb sonja freeman

    5 star review  I like this Office a lot from the front Office person , Bambi,who is uniformly pleasant to work with to every person you deal with. They are all very professional and caring and thorough in their work. Dr. Prasad is wonderful. The office is state of the art and very clean as well.

    thumb Meera Chari

    5 star review  Dr a Prasad and her staff are amazing. Professional and clean office. Dr Prasad is a very skilled dentist. She was able to perfectly match my daughter's broken tooth. She is trustworthy and really makes my whole family feel welcome and comfortable. I feel so lucky to have found this dental practice

    thumb Christina Erica
  • 5 star review  This team is amazing - they do beautiful work, are very thorough, and make each patient feel at home. They truly emphasize that dental health and personalized treatment is the top priority. Dr. Prasad has built a wonderful facility, team, and practice - truly the best dental care I have ever received! Even my husband doesn't fret going to the dentist any longer!

    thumb Majhon Lenel

    5 star review  Dr Prasad and her staff are amazing. The office itself is clean and modern. Dr Prasad is an exceptional dentist. She was able to perfectly match my daughter's broken tooth. She is thorough and an excellent doctor. She goes out of her way to make sure that we are well taken care of and happy with our dental care. Everyone who works in the office is sweet and welcoming. Best dentist!

    thumb Jeni Pickard
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